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Facilitate your Online Class

Welcome to the section "How to facilitate my online classroom"! In online teaching and learning, it is not only the content of the lessons and the technological infrastructure that matter. Your teacher’s role is similarly important in terms of motivation and learning success. And this role of the teacher as "all-rounder" is hence different online than offline. The requirements and expectations vary from being a fact expert, facilitator, moderator, technical support to mediator - due to the lack of face-to-face interactions. In addition, there is the aspect of (often fearsome) technology use.

How was your transition into online teaching? Film teaching cannot be transferred "just like that" 1:1 from the physical to the virtual world. Did you notice that the time needed for online teaching and the perception of time in the online classroom is different from face-to-face teaching?

This section also goes hand in hand with the section "How to design my online class".