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Mission Statement is a collaborative research project aiming to create a more innovative, inclusive and diverse film and media higher education environment – both on- and offline.
One of the aims of the project is to develop an “Online Teaching” toolkit that helps film school educators to prepare for their online lessons.
Narratives, audiovisual representations, films and digital media strongly affect our understanding and interpretation of the social world. Given the gender inequality and the lack of diversity in contemporary film and media production a reassessment of the possibilities of education at European film schools is pressing.

To create more inclusive and diverse practices of film and media production, film schools must rethink their curricula and their teaching practices both on- and offline. Institutional whiteness, occupational gender segregation, or educational inequity stemming from students’ social backgrounds are some of the problems that point to the need for a more inclusive model of higher education. New, inclusive, gender- and diversity-aware practices of both online and offline teaching play a vital role in creating equal opportunities for diverse groups of students.
With the toolkit, we encourage you to make use of the digital opportunities for more diverse and inclusive film and media courses