10 Thrilling Tools for Interactive Learning and Augmented Reality

In this part you can find inspiration for new ways of learning:


3D Molecules Edit & Test 

Short description: We have chosen an example from online chemistry courses that can certainly be adapted to film schools. With the "3D Molecules Edit & Test".app, you can create and edit 3D molecular models of organic and inorganic compounds. The most important features of "3D Molecules Edit & Test" include support for 3D printing and the "Test yourself" mode, which enables students to check their knowledge of the 3D structure of molecules.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: simulations, building models, experiments

Watch more about it: youtu.be/lpJesoFTr00


Backchannel Chat

Short description: What this website offers is a teacher-moderated version of Twitter. An extension of the current conversation could be to track the chat, create a tag cloud and start to view whatever comes up as the focus of the discussion.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: educational discussions, canvamoderation, facilitation online discussions

Explore this tutorial:  youtu.be/iL1qIS0Ymsw

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Short description: Do you want to know what your students read? We found a secure and simple online book network that allows educators to view the books students have read (a digital reading diary), create reading assignments for students and track progress. Students can also review and recommend books to their peers.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: recherche, research, discussions, sharing content

Watch this video about how to log your pages and minutes out: youtu.be/BFiC6jRvxBs


CODER-Z – gamified coding platform that combines STEM, computer science, and critical life skills

Short description: It is a platform that allows educational institutions to make artificial intelligence and computer technology easily accessible to students. It is a cost-effective, communicative and engaging online platform that provides and prepares a simulation environment for students.  While preparing them for the demands they might experience in real life. Plus: No installation required.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: simulations, building models, experiments, role plays, critical thinking, reality

Watch this tutorial: youtu.be/moh2hG6wfLo


Educreations Whiteboard – Teach anything to anyone from anywhere

Short description: We like the solgan "Teach anything to anyone from anywhere." Of thuis simple and intuitive tool. You can mport documents and pictures from your Photo Library, Dropbox and Google Drive and create Record your voice and iPad® screen to create dynamic video tutorials. This tool is built for the digital classroom to Have students show what they know by creating their own videoswhat they know by creating their own videos

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: Engaging students inside and outside the classroom

See these teaching examples: educreations.com/examples/


Glogster – Multimedia posters with 3D

Short description: Glogster provides multimedia, dynamic posters that allow ideas to be expressed easily by using a combination of imagery, graphics, audio, video and text on a digital canvas.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: sharing ideas, brainstorming, testing posters

Explore what glogster means: youtu.be/8EtDBf4arb4


KAHOOT - Game-based classroom response system 

Short description: Kahoot says: Make learning awesome!“ We agree to this quite. Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system, where teachers can create quizzes using internet content. You can create your own kahoot in minutes or choose from 100+ million ready-to-play games.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: gamification, interaction, quizzes

Read more about free learning games: https://kahoot.com/academy/study/


PREPMAGIC – Reimagining and Retooling STEM Content

Short description: Prepmagic provides science simulations for students to enhance learning; it enables educators to design materials and tools that engage students and improve their learning. Its main components are Reimagining and Retooling STEM Content. It delivers materials that publishers and educators need to create engaging and insightful science content and assessments. At the same time, it assists them in making connections between theories and real life.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: simulations, building models, experiments, assessments, evaluation

Discover this formative creative assessment: https://www.prepmagic.com/formativeassessment


PIXTON – Turn you students into comic creators 

Short description: Give your students superpowers with diverse avatars. Pixton promises to take the boredom out of teaching and gives every student the opportunity to develop their artistic and writing potential.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: role plays, diversity, discussions, critical thinking, feedback

See how an avatar buidling for representing your diversity could be: https://www.pixton.com/what-is-pixton


Quiver Vision – Education dashboard for Augmented Reality Experiences

Short description: Quiver  is an augmented Reality coloring app. You can create very easily engaging, immersive coloring experiences for your particificants. You will be astonished how you can bring your content to life.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: experiments, tests, presentation content in a funny way

Watch this amazing video: https://youtu.be/HxIxlLBH9Ig

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