10 Inspiring Tools for Classroom Materials

Please explore our list of software for classroom materials:



Short description: Canva is an alternative to Powerpoint with more flexibility and more exiting visuals. You can even create textbooks.

Price: free version available



Short description: Flipgrid is a video response platform from a provider that is adapted to the concept of the flipped classroom and on which students can create and upload short videos of up to 5 minutes on an assigned task. After the teacher has created an account, he or she can create a grid, which in a figurative sense represents a course or a class. Any number of topics can be created in this grid, which contain an assignment or question in text form or as a video.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: short content, self-directed learning, gamification, unconventional lessons




Short description: Find free to use images split up into different categories that you can use for your presentation / online teaching courses.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: Presentation, discussions, spicy content, backdrops

Alternatives: pixabay.com and shutterstock.com

Képernyőfelvétel 26

Genially – Creating interactive content

Short description: Put an end to tired lectures. Genially is a tool to teach and learn through interactive learning materials. You can create interactive presentations, mindmaps, learning games from scratch in minutes to engage your participants. Genially is available in a free and a licence version for educators.

Price: free plan, and starting from 7,49€/month

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: Presentation, Gamification, Infoboards, Escape Rooms

Interested? Check this interactive image out


Screenshot 2022 09 26 at 19 05 15 Streamline Reviews Why customers call it the best icons and illustrations

Icon Collections – Icons, illustrations and emoji for all your projects

Short description: Icons, emojis and illustrations with a great assortment of varying quality icons to download, free or paid.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: visualization, brainstorming, discussions, expressing feelings, enriching texts

Price: Free and paid



Screenshot 2022 09 26 at 19 05 37 LearningApps interactive and multimedia learning blocks

Learning-Apps – Author Tool To Build Interactive Learning Modules

Short description: LearningApps.org is a Web 2.0 application to assist learning and teaching processes with short interactive modules. You can use these modules directly in learning materials, but also for self-study. The aim is to collect components that can be reused and make them accessible to everyone. The building blocks (called apps) do not include a specific framework or learning scenario.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: short content, self-directed learning, gamification, unconventional lessons

Price: free

Find this tutorial here:  


Screenshot 2022 09 26 at 19 05 49 Learning Foreign Languages Writing Resources

Makebeliefscomix – A Tool To Express Your Ideas In Comic

Short description: Be interactive – with comics. Comics are a fun way to spice up your lessons, but also to transmit content. Using comics to present content is a teaching method that can be used to illustrate issues (e.g. conflict discussions, feedback rounds,...), to motivate and to activate. It contains the Highlights: Comics with audio, variety of templates.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: Warm-up, debrief, wrap-Up, new content, brainstorming, learning with humor

Price: Free

Example for learning with comics: 


Screenshot 2022 09 26 at 19 06 18 Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software Video Creator


Short description: With Doodly you can draw all kinds of amazing whiteboard animations to educate and entertain your participants. Create your own professional sketch videos with little, to no design or technical skills.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: whiteboard animation, presenting content, motivation, activationg, discussion

Price: from 20$/month onwards

Registration: needed

See an example here: 


Screenshot 2022 09 26 at 19 07 04 Word Cloud Generator

Word Cloud – Content Visualisation

Short description: Why not try using word clouds to visualise your content? Word clouds (word art) are used to visualise and summarise all kinds of content - from feedback to opinions and everything in between. There are many word cloud generators to choose from, each with their own unique design and customisation options. We found this one to be the best.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: warm-ups, feedback, polls, motivation, visualization, activationg, discussion, group work, new topics

Price: Free, higher quality for 30€/month

Interested? Check this amazing word art examples out


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