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10 Excellent Tools for Evaluation

Please explore our list of assessment tools:

1 Crowdsignal


Survey and Polls

Short description: Creating surveys and polls in a fast and simple way. Possibility to customize the look.

Price: free version available

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: surveys, polls
2 TechTalk


Short description: Great for assessing student progress on standards-based ideas and skills. The free educator account offers unlimited assessments, create and track assessments.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: evaluation, tests, quizzes, identify gaps

Test this free account:

2 TechTalk3


Short description: LMS-integrated tool suite is an all-in-one solution to boost student engagement and collaboration in any course setting

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: Peer review, group member evaluation, assignment review, skill review, automated feedback

Read more about the lifelong free access :

2 TechTalk4

Google Forms 

Short description: A tool that allows gathering information from users in a survey. The information is collected and put into a spreadsheet that is easily usable.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: polls, evaluations, surveys, invitations, enrollments

Watch this video about Google Forms:

2 TechTalk5


Short description: A Chrome extension that lets educators turn any webpage into an interactive lesson – with a fantastic toolbar that will allow highlighting text, adding sticky notes, inserting questions, videos, or even a discussion all inside the webpage.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: playful discussion and quizzes. Method mixes. Engage students more.

Learn about 4 ways to blend learning with InsertLearning:

2 TechTalk6


Short description: A free Chrome extension that allows you to leave voice notes and feedback, and much more! Improve feedback and formative assessment with voice recording.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: Online learning and feedback for music and visual arts students

Explore this example:

2 TechTalk7


Short description: A live audience polling tool that integrates into your presentation Freemium, free accounts are limited to 25 responses per poll.

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: polls, surveys, evaluations

See how you can engage your ronline audience:

2 TechTalk8


Short description: Interactive digital tool that lets you quiz, grade, and assess on-the-fly; “at the speed of learning.”

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: Quizzes and questions with real-time grading

Discover the tool in 90 seconds:

2 TechTalk9


Short description: Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: collaboration and connecting students

Learn more about it:

2 TechTalk10


Short description: Educational gaming

Price: free version available

Ideal for classroom scenarios as: fun, standards-tagged quizzes, game based learning

Watch this video: